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Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valve is a quarter turn pipeline valve used to isolate or regulate the flow of fluid through a pipeline. A butterfly valve consist of 5 main parts: body, seat, disc, stem and operator. These are light weight, cost effective, smaller face-to-face dimensions which needs less space for installation compared to other types of valves. Butterfly valves can be used in applications handling air, gases, steam, water, other liquid, slurries and vacuum service.

Ferrobend is a leading butterfly valve manufacturer in Mumbai, India. We can offer lug type, wafer type, flanged, double flanged, welded, double offset and triple offer butterfly valves with hand lever, gear, wheel, or electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators.

We have capacity to produce butterfly valves from 1-1/2” to 72 Inch size (DN 40 to DN 1800) in cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, copper, copper nickel, brass, manganese bronze, aluminium bronze, phosphor bronze, duplex, super duplex alloy and other high performance materials for high-temperature or high-pressure services.

Ferrobend undertakes design, manufacturing, stock and supply of complete range of industrial and high performance butterfly valves to ANSI, ASME, MSS, API, DIN, JIS, BS, ISO and AWWA Standards. These butterfly valves are suitable for use in oil-gas, power generation HVAC, water and wastewater treatment, ship building, metal-mineral processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical and food-beverage industries.

Butterfly Valve Selection Criteria

  1. Valve Diameter (Nominal Sizes)
  2. Flow Speed
  3. Medium Type
  4. Medium Temperature
  5. Working Pressure
  6. Operating Temperature
  7. Connection
  8. Actuator Type

Butterfly Valve Types

Butterfly Valve Ordering Information

  1. Butterfly Valve End Connection
  2. Disc Position
  3. Valve Seats
  4. Actuator
  5. Body Material

Butterfly Valves Specifications

Size Range 1-1/2 to 72 Inch (DN 40 to DN 1800)
End Connection
Disc Position
Valve Seats
Body Material

Butterfly Valve Applications

Used across wide range of industrial sectors, butterfly valve can be seen installed more often in pipelines handling large volume based liquids like water and slurries. Below are some common applications of butterfly valves.

  • Cooling water, air and gases
  • Slurry and liquidised solids
  • High pressure and high temperature water service
  • High pressure steam service
  • Vacuum service
  • Compressed air and gases