Pipe Flanges

Pipe Flanges

Pipe Flanges are an integral part of piping used to join two consecutive pipes or rather block to end the pipeline. A pipe flange is either a ring type, collar or a circular blank disc either welded or screwed to the pipe. Flanges are used in pairs connected by bolted joint and provides strength to the pipeline. A flanged joint is second most used method of joining after welding and is versatile in terms of maintenance

Ferrobend is a manufacturer of pipe flanges with full range of sizes, types and material. We also supply complete flange set with companions such as gaskets, stud bolts, bolt sleeve, spectacle blind, spade, spacer and orifice plate. Weld neck, slip-on, socket weld, threaded, lap joint, blind are 6 basic types of pipe flanges offered by Ferrobend. We also produce long weld neck and large diameter flanges

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