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  • Certified Qualities

    Stock Holder, Importer, Trader and distributor for Steel & Steel products
    with the experience, expertise and network to provide exceptional
    service and unsurpassed value to our clients throughout the globe.

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  • Materials with Possibilities

    With a wide range of products to offer in all major grades we have vast inventory
    for customers ranging from small job shops to major manufacturers relying
    on us as their one-stop shop supplier.

  • Welding Excellence

    We offer the world a huge selection of welding consumables for virtually
    every welding process. We supply all major brands of welding electrodes
    at competitive prices.

Our products range :
Products for all applications

As modern production methods, we supply products in all forms & shapes. From small rings to major components we produce as per standards & customised drawings.

Standards that operate globally

We supply products as per international standards accepted globally. We also produce & supply as per standards & approvals by some major regulatory & companies such as SABIC, IBR, DNV, KNPC, etc.

  • DIN
  • Asme
  • ASTM
  • BIS
  • JIS
  • CEN
  • ISO
  • BSI

Materials that complies in all conditions
Sustaining Alloys, we supply

Alloy steel, Duplex Stainless Steel to Zirconium Alloys we supply each alloy characterized by a unique combination of properties. Material with special physical properties, corrosion resistant or mechanical properties we can help you to identify the most suitable materials as per your requirements.